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How to STOP annoying Advertisement Pop-ups in Chrome?

Ads are showing whenever I click on any webpage or inside text-box of any Form.

Some unknown and unwanted webpages open when I click  on Links on Trusted websites.

How to Solve these issues?

First of all! DON’T PANIC. Every problem has its own solution.

Try these methods below .

First thing First:

1. Block Pop ups from Content Settings:

Go to Chrome Settings > Show advanced Settings > Privacy – Click on ‘Content Settings…’ button > Check Pop up section as below.

Select ‘Do now allow any site to show pop-ups’ radio button.

pop up

However, if above method won’t work then try following methods one by one.

2. Chrome Extension Check.

  • Go to chrome://extensions/ and check if there is any unknown extension are enabled .
  • If Yes then disable and then remove it.
  • Add ‘AdBlock‘ extension on your Chrome.

3. Uninstall malware software:

4. Use AdwCleaner 



5. Full PC Scan:

  • Run a Full PC scan with any Antivirus available on your PC .
  • Fix or Delete dangerous files and programs from your PC.

6. ‘Malicious Software Removal Tool’ from Microsoft.

7. Microsoft Safety Scanner:

8. Malware Bytes:

  • Finally my favorite ‘MalwareBytes‘ – Free Anti-malware and Internet Security Software,


Use above & Troubleshooting Tools & Techniques to get rid of Malware and annoying ‘Click and Open’ advertisements

See this Guide`

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